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Our dentists perform dental fillings regularly for patients of all ages. The best way to avoid needing a filling and prevent a cavity is to maintain strong oral hygiene practices. This includes regular visits to the dentist for professional hygiene appointments and an at-home routine. And when you do need a filling, you’ll be in good hands with our dentists.

How Does a Filling Work?

A dental filling is used to fill holes left behind by cavities in your teeth. Our dentists will first clean out the bacteria from the cavity, preventing any further damage or decay from progressing. Once the tooth is clean, the hole will be filled in to strengthen the tooth for regular, daily use. As long as a cavity is relatively small, fillings are a straightforward solution.

What Are Fillings Made From?

At Bright Dental, we use a composite resin on dental fillings for the material’s strength and appearance. The resin is durable for chewing and biting like a natural tooth. The appearance of the resin closely resembles the natural tooth shade, allowing it to be used to fill teeth that are visible when you smile. Once your filling is finished, only you and our dentists will be able to tell where it is.

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