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At Bright Dental, we want to ensure our patients have full access to specialized dental care. While most routine procedures are performed in-house at our St. Albert office, some procedures require specialists. For more complex types of oral surgeries, we’ll refer you to an oral surgeon for an expert consultation and treatment recommendation.

What Do Oral Surgeons Do?

Dentistry involves various procedures that range from cosmetic to restorative reasons. An oral surgeon has specialized training and experience performing procedures for impacted wisdom teeth, dental implant installation, removal of oral lesions, or complex teeth removal. Oral surgeons have specialized tools as well as additional, specialized training to ensure your oral health is well cared for.

When Is Oral Surgery Necessary?

Oral surgery can be required in an emergency, but there will often be warning signs. Prolonged or severe tooth pain can also signal a deeper issue that requires a consultation. Routine dental appointments, oral exams, and digital imagery will help our dentists spot problems in advance and make you aware of potential scenarios where surgery is required.

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