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Comprehensive & New Patient Oral Exam Near You

Oral exams are essential to healthy teeth and mouths. The oral exam is the opportunity to address dental health concerns early before they become complex. During the visit, our dentists will review the findings of the dental hygienists, examine any concern areas, and make recommendations for further visits when necessary.

Routine Oral Exams

Having a detailed look at your teeth structure, gums, and jawline helps our dentists get a comprehensive look at your oral health. During a routine oral exam, you may have x-rays or digital imagery taken, depending on when we last took images of your mouth. You can also ask the dentist any specific questions about your teeth during this time.

New Patients Welcome

At Bright Dental, we welcome new patients of all ages as well as families. Once you’ve joined our clinic, we’ll ensure you are scheduled for a routine oral exam and comprehensive new patient visit. We’ll plan for x-rays to get a baseline of your oral health and listen to your questions and concerns about your oral health.

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Dental Hygiene Appointments in St. Albert

Nothing is more refreshing than that whole-mouth clean feel following a dental hygiene appointment. We recommend visiting our clinic at least once a year for a dental hygiene appointment. Professional cleaning visits help keep tartar and plaque from building up and causing later complications for your teeth and gums.

Professional Dental Hygiene Cleaning

During a professional dental hygiene appointment, you’ll receive a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. Our dental hygienists will remove excess plaque by picking and polishing, followed by flossing. A fluoride rinse is optional. When we see areas of concern in your mouth, we will let you know, and we might share extra tips for better care at home.

At-Home Dental Hygiene

Our dental team recommends that our patients brush their teeth at least twice daily to remove food particles and prevent plaque from developing on the surface of their teeth. We also advise that you floss daily to catch the food pieces that stick in between the teeth. Keeping an excellent at-home ritual paired with routine professional cleanings will keep your teeth happy and healthy.

New Patients Welcome

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