St. Albert Dentist team

Dental Services in St. Albert

The team at Bright Dental is committed to 'complete dental care for life'.

At Bright Dental, we recognize that your smile is more than simply beautiful teeth and gums. A truly beautiful and healthy smile is revealed when there is a balance and harmony among the components that are needed to produce it. In addition to creating aesthetically pleasing mouths, our team focuses on pain relief and treating TMJ and sleep problems to give our patients a real reason to smile.

A lot is riding on your smile, and we aim to make it as healthy and beautiful as possible. Modern dentistry allows us to maintain and enhance your smile, keeping it the source of confidence it deserves to be.

The procedures listed offer an overview of some of the services we offer our patients, from cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening to restorative dentistry services such as dental implants. Please feel free to ask St. Albert dentist, Dr. Neves, and his team about any services mentioned on the site as well as any dental procedures you may have heard or read about.

We would be pleased to discuss all options available to you and determine the most appropriate combination for your smile and health.